These are the best places for cocktails in Ghent

People often asks me “which is the best and most trendy bar to drink cocktails in Ghent?”. Well search no more, because these are my top and favorite places to drink cocktails:

Jigger’s (Oudburg 16)

The ingredients that are used in the cocktails come from local farms and the cocktail menu changes with the seasons. During the summer, you can sit on their very nice terrace. However, it’s best to call ahead and make a reservation because this place is quite popular. With reason!

The Drifter

A bit different from the rest of the bars in Ghent is this Tiki bar with hawaiian feel, palm trees and bamboo furniture. You really feel like you’re on vacation in some far away country in this bar.

De Alchemist

Apart from the great drinks, you also have a stunning view on the fortress castle “Gravensteen”. I recommend their gin and tonics.

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