Secret local insider’s travel tips guide to Ghent – Secret and well-hidden beautiful spots that you must visit!

Ghent is a truly gorgeous city. However, during the summer months it can get quite crowded with tourists, especially at the very popular and touristy spots.

So if you’re wondering “where can I go in Ghent that is very beautiful but not as crowded?”. “What are less crowded alternatives for the popular tourist spots in Ghent but that are actually even more beautiful?” of “Where do locals spend their time in Ghent?” “Where can I go to escape the crowds in Ghent?”

For you people, please continue reading for the top 6 beautiful spots that only locals know and that you won’t find in your tourist guide. Here below you will find some alternatives for the very known and popular tourist places in Ghent.

If you want to visit a park… Instead of Citadelpark, go to Keizerpark!

This beautiful park is the perfect secret green hideaway since it’s a lot less known than for instance the Citadelpark. Ideal for a BBQ, picnic or just to chill.

Another alternative is the park near the St. Pieter’s Abbey which is also a gorgeous spot.

If you still want to go to the Citadelpark, make sure to go check out the gorgeous rose garden.

If you want to go to the beach… Instead of Blaarmeersen, go to Zebrabeach!

Always feels like summer, which is logic since it only exists during the summer!

Instead of the Italian restaurant chains… Eat a Turkish pizza in the Sleepstraat

Not thé best neighbourhood in Ghent but pizzas here are very great and very cheap.

Instead of the popular and overcrowded restaurants… Eat at Gouden Saté

Sure, fries you can eat them all around the world. But I absolutely recommend eating them in the country of fries, which is of course: BELGIUM! The legend goes around Ghent that this “frietkot” as we call it, has the best fries of the city. I recommend ordering a “Julientje”, trust me, you will not regret it!

Instead of Graslei… go to the Appelbrugparkje

In the middle of the historic centre of Ghent as well but very small and very well hidden so every tourist just walks past it without noticing it.

Instead of the very known coffee chains that can be found all around the globe… Go to one of the local coffee places

Ghent has many great coffee houses, such as Mokabon, Simon Says or my favorite: Max.

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