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Most beautiful green spots in Ghent

Ghent is an amazing city that holds the best of both worlds: loads of shops, restaurants with amazing foods of all different cuisines, trendy bars and all the facilities that any big city has to offer, this combined with a very cosy village atmosphere and feeling. Truly an idyllic city with the river Leie flowing right through it.

Despite being a city, Ghent is also home to a lot of green, parks, recreational areas and just spots to relax while being in the middle of nature. You’d almost forget that you are currently visiting one of Belgium’s biggest cities.

Are you visiting the city and are you looking for a nice spot to have a picnic or just enjoy the nature? These places are also ideal to escape the hot temperatures that can conquer Belgium during the summer. Here below you’ll find some large green areas and also some smaller hidden green gems that are only known by the locals:


This garden is a project of the university of Ghent and is situated on the edge of one of the largest parks in Ghent, the Citadel park. This is no ordinary park but is a place where you can find an amazing variety of plants, flowers and even a pond. Every single plant comes with a name tag so this place is ideal for the plant lovers amongst you.

Garden behind St. Pieters’ Abby

You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the South of France in this hidden gem between the lavender and grape vines.

Bourgoyen – Ossemeersen

This huge piece of nature with it 230 acres big. Home to an enormous variety of birds who will stay here during the winter.


Similar to Bourgoyen, this area is also huge and one of the most popular places where locals spend hot summer days. You can find a lot of shade here between the trees and you even have a beach and a water park where you can have a swim.


This is a very large park not far from the Ghent Sint Pieters railway station. I would not recommend visiting this place at night time due to its poor reputation but during the day it’s a great place to relax in the nature.

Oud begijnhof

This is beguinage is just a very nice hidden gem in Ghent that I secretly wanted to mention. Apart from the grass field, this is a very nice area to visit. The surrounding streets are filled with little identical houses where the sisters used to live. Very well preserved and absolutely worthwhile visiting when you’re in the city.

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