Is it necessary to buy the Disneyland Photopass?

Keeping in mind that a Photopass costs 50 euros, I found myself wondering if if was absolutely necessary for the experience of my trip to buy such pass.

I decided to not do it and see what happens when the magical day finally arrived. I really did want to have a lot of nice pictures, especially with the Disneycharacters and it would be great to have both my boyfriend and myself in the picture, without one of us have to photograph the other.

Turns out, you can absolutely have great pictures of your whole family without a photopass. Each Disney character is not only accompanied by a Photopass photographer but also by another Disneyland employee who is happy to take pictures with your own smarthphone or device of you and your family. Know that Disneyland staff is extremely friendly and accomodating and will take your pictures with a smile.


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