Eating waffle as brunch in Ghent

Insiders’ (restaurant) guide to Ghent – the best brunch places

Ghent is an amazing place to visit and especially to live (I absolutely love it). Being a real foodie but not much of a morning person, a brunch on Sunday is a great way to start my day. If you want to avoid tourist traps and eat where the locals eat, continue reading! These are my absolute favourite places:

De Superette (Guldensporenstraat 29)

Fresh baked bread, croissants, pains au chocolat and so much more from their wood oven. Even an English breakfast is a possibility here. They also offer vegetarian options.

Simon Says (Sluizeken 8)

This is a nice coffee bar in the historical city center of Ghent (near Patershol). The coffee is amazing so be sure to stop by for a breakfast or brunch. You can even spend the night.

Le Jardin Bohémien (Burgstraat 19)

A great place, near Gravensteen with a nice vintage feel where you can order glass of bublly, a fresh orange juice or just a coffee. They have a delicious breakfast and very good pies and cake. As this is a B&B, you can spend the night here.

Alice (Onderbergen 6)

A nice vintage, soft pink and girly place. Offers a brunch buffet, all you can eat!

Stek (Nederkouter 129)

A coffee and lunch bar with nice plants, coffee, lunch and art!

Brood-Huys (Jakobijnenstraat 12)

This place offers a very big variety with all kinds of bread, pastries, salads, ciabatta, focaccia, quiches,…

Cocotine (Leithstraat 51)

Nice coffee, breakfast bowls, pastel colours and lots of sweet pastries! This place is even a co-working space.

Alix (Kortrijksesteenweg 206)

Located between the Gent Sint Pieters trainstation and the city center. If the weather is nice, you can have a brunch in their amazing garden.

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