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Insiders’ (restaurant) guide to Ghent – Best Italian restaurants in Ghent

Ghent is an amazing place to visit and especially to live (I absolutely love it!). Being a real foodie with an absolute preference for the Italian kitchen, I’ve tried quite a few Italian restaurants. These are my favourite places for the best Italian meal, especially if you want to eat where the locals eat and avoid any tourist traps:

Pane e Vino (Nederkouter 9)

When you come from the Ghent Sint Pieters train station and are walking towards the city center, you will spot this place at a corner just before entering the center. This place is a hidden gem and offers the classic Italian dishes and wood oven baked pizzas. 

I mentioned this place first and yes, it is also my absolute favourite. My favourite dish here is either the pizza or the Ravioli al forno.

P.S.: if like me, you like an Italian restaurant to have the typical red and white table cloth: check!

P.S. 2: Be sure to make a reservation because this place is usually fully booked.

Ottomat (Kleine Vismarkt 3)

Delicious and creative pizza recipes and names. This place as several restaurants in Belgium and was created by the “Ellis Gourmet Burger” team.

The pizza dough is made with Duvel beer just and rests for 3 days before you get it on your plate.

You can either chose the Otomat or NOtomat pizza, depending on whether you like red of white sauce.

Eat Love Pizza (Ajuinlei 10a)

Great Italian food and authentic (very thin!) pizzas in a fashionable and trendy setting. This place is located near the city center of Ghent.

P.S.: this restaurant only accepts payment by card.

 Eat Love Lasagna (Onderbergen 25)

Yes, you’ve guessed it already, this place has the same owner as the Eat Love Pizza place that I mentioned just before this one. These lasagnas are home-made, very thin and healthy.

La Pizzeria (Tentoonstellingslaan 119)

Very small restaurant but every dish is superfresh and home-made. This place offers traditional Italian dishes. The pizzas have a very thin and crispy crust.

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