How to go to Disneyland Paris on a budget

Trips like Disneyland Paris, it’s a great experience but it does not come cheap. That we know. However there are quite a few ways to save some money during a Disneyland trip.

It all starts when you buy your tickets. If you can, you should absolutely avoid going during the weekend. Weekday tickets are a lot cheaper!  Or even better: go during the week AND during the off season. Prices for hotels will be a little lower. The biggest advantage is however that the park will be a lot calmer and waiting lines a lot shorter! I for instance went on a sunny Tuesday in November and the waiting lines for the rides was 5, 10 or 20 minutes max.

If you stay at a Disneyland partner hotel (these are basically just across the street from the park) you can also equally save a lot of money. These hotels have shuttle services to the park (a buss goes back and forth from the park to the hotel), saving you the parking costs at the park (20 euros). As you have a buss every 10-15 minutes, it’s really not a burden. They’re cheaper but still have very nice and clean rooms. We stayed at the Vienna Circus hotel, which offered us a big clean room for a lot smaller budget than the official Disney hotel. Parking at this hotel was free.

If you consider buying a Photopass but are hesitant about the price (50 euros) I wouldn’t do it. Staff in Disneyland is extremely friendly and accommodating and they are happy to help and take pictures of you, your family and your favourite Disney character with your own device.

Food and drinks in the park are extremely expensive so I recommend (and not particularly healthy) having a very good breakfast at your hotel and packing a small snack or lunch to eat at the park. Bringing your own water bottle is also something that I would recommend. There are some water fountains (at Tomorrwland Terraco, Rancho del Zocalo, the French market and the Plaza Inn) in the park where you can fill it for free.

Did you discover more tips of your own? Please share them in the comments section, let’s help each other!

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