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Hang out with the locals – Nightlife in Ghent (Belgium)

Are you currently (planning on) visiting Ghent? Great idea! If you want the full authentic experience of your visit and party like the locals do, continue reading! Local Ghentians (as we like to call ourselves) mostly party  and go out around the area that is called “Vlasmarkt” and “Oude Beesten Markt”. These places can be reached by foot from the historic city center so if you’re staying in Ghent, you should probably be able to get home safe after an amazing night of partying on foot.

These bars are currently very popular places to go out in Ghent:

Bar des amies (Vlasmarkt 5)

This place is said to have the longest counter in Ghent and offers a big variety of drinks.

Charlatan  (Vlasmarkt 6 à yes, exactly, right next to Bar des amies!)

This music café is home to various ages and people and offers a big variety of music.

Ven Tura café (Vrijdagsmarkt)

Supercozy bar where you can start the night off with an aperitif and continue while sipping their great cocktails until the late hours. This place is situated on one of the greatest and most historic places of Ghent.

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