Best places to have coffee in Ghent

Are you a coffee lover visiting Ghent but would you like a change from the large coffeebar chains and are you wondering where the best coffee bars are? Ghent has some amazing coffee places to offer where you can hop in for a great cup of coffee.  Visit my top 6 favorite places below for super cozy interiors and amazing coffee.

Superette (Guldenspoorstraat 29)

Informal but original interior where you can also enjoy plenty of other dishes.

Max (Leeuwplein 3)

Beautiful art deco building where you can have a delicious coffee or a Brussel’s waffle.

Franzgustav (Ham 163)

Enjoy your coffee in this cozy interior between the sanseveria plants. They also offer fresh pastries and brunch throughout the whole day!

Huize Colette (Belfortstraat 6)

Offers a wonderful mix of chocolate and literature.. and great coffee of course!

Mokabon (Donkersteeg 35)

A favorite of many Ghentians. Informal, cozy and great coffee!

Simon says (Sluizeken 8)

Situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Ghent “Patershol”.  Their coffee  is really good and you can even spend the night here if you want.

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