Best bars in Ghent for the beer lovers

Belgium is the country of fries, chocolate and.. beer! So there’s no way you can visit our country without trying one (ore several more) of our beers. Ghent has a lot of bars that are specifically focussed on beers and where the beer lovers amongst us will spend many happy hours. These is my top 7 favorite beer pubs in Ghent:

Trappistenhuis (Brabantdam 164)

Thé place where everyone comes to have a slightly heavier trappist beer. Very beautiful building as the café is made up of 2 17th Century houses. They poor 5 of the 6 Belgian Trappist beers.

‘t Galgenhuis (Groentenmarkt 5)

This is the smallest café of Ghent. The terrace of the café is larger than the café itself, go check it out!

Hopduvel (Coupure Links 625/D)

This bar has loads of beer experience and has a very wide variety to offer.

Waterhuis aan de Bierkant (Groentemarkt 9)

One of the more traditional cafés in Ghent. I recommend the beer “Klokke Roeland”, made especially for this place (along with Gandavum and Mammelokker).

Dulle griet (Vrijdagsmarkt 50)

Situated near the actual “Dulle Griet”, which is a canon and also a popular tourist attraction in Ghent. Has more than 500 beers on the menu so don’t try them all at once. J

Kaffee De Planck (Ter Platen 10A)

This is actually a boat! 36 six pages of beer options are available here.

Rock Circus (Overpoortstraat 22)

Situated in the street that guarantees to make every student wake up on Friday morning (or noon) and forget what he did the night before. Has 58 beers on tap.

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