6 tips and tricks for the perfect marriage proposal

A marriage proposal is without a doubt one of the most magical moment in a women’s life. It’s something that we look forward to and dream about ever since we were very little girls. So guys, the pressure is on!


To help you plan this for you often very stressful moment, here are some tips of how women really want this moment to happen:

  • Is your girl the traditional type and/or rather close to her family? Then ask her parents for permission. This will give you a great start for the wedding preparations as her parents will feel valued and involved and your girl will be happy that you kept this tradition in mind.
  • Make it a complete surprise! I know I know, us girls, we are often quite the curious type and it’s not that easy to hide anything from us… Keep the ring somewhere she won’t find it. Go for the most boring spot in the house (what about the electricity cabinet or some utility tube?) Avoid the bedside table and trunk of your car, we already know you also hide our birthday presents in there 😉
  • Don’t prepare what you will say. Just look at her, tell her what you like about her and speak from the heart. The words will come, I promise.
  • Get down on one knee! Whether you did it or not, it’s one of the first questions her girlfriends will ask her. She’ll of course will want to reply “yes”.
  • Make sure there are pictures. Do you know an amateur photographer that you can trust with this secret? Then get him to take a picture, it will make a wonderful memory! Or install a hidden webcam if you plan to do it at home.
  • Make sure she’s prepared, especially if there’s a picture involved. She will want to take pictures right away so make sure her nails are done, her outfit is how she wants it and her hair is done.

Whatever happens, she’ll be so happy so don’t stress about this moment, it WILL be magical! Good luck!

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